Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Is There Really a Better Way to Fuel Your Body and Provision Your Life?

How do we go about taking care of this "Space Suit" God gave us to walk out his will for our lives? How do we align ourselves for the best possible use of our time on the Earth? Has God inspired a better way to be provisioned than a traditional 9-5 or more job?

Jesus said in Matthew 6:24, "You cannot serve (bow before) God and mammon." God, not money, must be our master. If we tithe, give to the poor, and do not let money rule us, wealth can certainly become our servant, and thus a blessing to us and others. But if we allow finances to rule us, mammon can easily become a false god adding stress and greed to our existence. Yet, remember: Jesus did not say we couldn't have money; He said we couldn't serve money. The voice of mammon must be subdued if the Lord alone is to be our Master.

In todays times developing a good financial-support system that allows the Lord to provision us and to not live as "slaves to our jobs" or to debt is important.

I work as an Internet Dept. Manager for a local Honda Dealer.

I get a small salary that's a little bigger than my family of 5's grocery bill. The rest of what I earn is mostly bonuses for the number of Internet Dept customers that report back to Corporate Honda that they felt perfectly served during the Internet and in person stage of buying their Honda at wholesale prices.

If any one customer reports they were not completely happy with any part of the process that little mark can cause up to 2/3's of my income to not be paid out for the month! One of the strange things about how Honda grades our performance is that on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest score a 4 or less rating is an unhappy customer to Honda and our dealership. (When I was in high school 80% was still a B. A - "B" was not a bad thing....

Obviously one can't expect every customer to be completely happy with everything. I've had some tell me they don't give anyone an "A" or top score. Anything can be improved! I've seen plenty that actually insist that the process has to be more difficult and told me I made it too easy!

Well, all that outlined was just to state some of the land mines of everyday life that can get being provisioned adequately. I'm sure many of you have some form of land mines or limitations put on provision also.

With the economy in the tank I see it as even more important that we all begin to "think outside the box" for how will we align ourselves with a dependable cash flow when mainstream means are becoming unpredictable?

God put upon my heart long ago that a good financial-support system should not rob us of our time with family, serving our community or the maintenance of our health.

I've looked at many things I could do from home and asked the Lord to give me his take on what would serve his plan for my life...

I've been a believer in supplements for all my adult life after learning back in the 70's that most foods are not grown in their ideal conditions to make them truly full of nutrients and free of poisons that can effect the function of cells and systems in bad ways over time.

I've consumed 20-30 different brands of pill based supplements over my 30 yrs of experimenting.

I found that none of them gave me the balanced support I was looking for that would allow nutrition (Like an ideal financial support system) to become a back ground event instead of a requiring me to be "food focused".

Well God does listen and does answer prayers...

When I least expected it he introduced me to a comprehensively simple package that takes care of all the large and small vitamins, minerals and other elements the body needs to sustain and adapt and the company that supplys it offers a very eloquent opportunity for provision as a "back ground event"

It doesn't get anymore blatant than a company who's initials are: GBG (I later found out that it's owners are servants of the Lord Jesus and seek him in all their key decision making.)

I invite you to explore GBG's products and if you choose to give them a go you can by past paying retail on our site by choosing the wholesale option with no strings attached! They do offer a 60 day money back guarantee on their products and in doing so you get a free website that you can refer others to if you choose to share your new good fortune. All they ask is that opt for an automatic shipment equaling at least 1 product per month to qualify for wholesale status. (The liquid multivitamin at $20.00 is a months supply for 1 person and would take care of that request.)

Over time the new customers you refer (If you choose to refer anyone... That's not mandatory even if you have a website) who refer others in turn can equal growing checks to you monthly that eliminate your product cost and can go on to grow quite large, even replacing a traditional job. (Note: 5 person referals that set up an autoship = your liquid multivitamins are now free! I don't know about you but for referring a hand full of people who find they love the effects of these supplements and choose to consume them monthly your supply is now free! What a wonderful way to provide!) Let those folks do the same and over time with the grace of the Lord your job income will be replaced.

The first link on the top of the list on the right. Look at the 2 supplements offered and the financial support system built into their distribution system.

Then ask the Lord if this is what he's been leading you to. Ask him if this is one the "Streams of Living Water" and "Manna from Heaven" he promised for your life.

All I ask of you is that you consider bareing your soles to the Lord!

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