Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Solution to the Fuel Crisis

I hear everyone and I mean everyone railing on and on about the cost of gasoline.

I feel sad for them because they have forgotten that they have feet for something more than shuffling over to a chair or the modern day GAS POWERED WHEEL CHAIR called a car, van, truck or SUV!

God must be looking at all this and shaking his head in wonder at how his people became so lazy and blind to the opportunity he gave them to not only be healthier but to get to know his creation so much more intimately....

As I enjoy the freedom of running barefoot across the land I can't help but look at those encased in metal and glass and breathing mechanically altered air as driving metal coffins.... Every second of time wasted in a vehicle that you don't put out any effort to cause it to move is a step closer the grave at a pace that makes life seems ever shorter and less fullfilling.

The sadness deepens when I see people pick up empty of nutrient chemically laden snacks or things they assume are food and consume them without questioning it's value to their health both now and in the future. This phenomenon amazes the crap out of me! So much of modern day eating is out of reasons other than a genuine desire to replace nutrients... Why are so few not asking intelligent questions of God in their quest for guidance in this area?

Regarding the use of todays OPEC mobiles: I do see a need for being able to get someone who is bleeding to death to a hospital quickly. The rest of car use could be done away with by building both City based and Nation Wide Rapid Transit type systems like San Franciso has (BART) and bringing back Trolley Cars for main throughfares... Folks can walk, run, ride, skate, skate board or what ever else they can invent that's human powered the few blocks home from Trolleys.

Let me move back to the OPEC concerns of the masses....

Every country on the planet sits on top of an infinite supply of molten lava... Geothermal Heat to put it bluntly...

We, The United Stats of America could once and for all end our need for any outside resources and put ourselves in a position to radically and positively influence the World if we chose to get up off our collective hypnosis of thinking we need Middle East or anyone elses oil and started developing the technology to drill deep enough to tap the natural heat below our land by pumping water into those layers and using the returning steam to generate electrical power that would never be depleted (Recycle the water) Other than the initial drilling and set up cost there is no real long term over head so the cost to the public should go down over time as more of these come on line. They can be set up anywhere with no environment concerns or need for shipping in fuel to run them or hazardous waste by-products.

We'd have an unlimited supply of electricity to power an electric based society of cars, trains, communication devices and services, and everything else our technology based society uses.

We could even use that electricity to desalinize ocean water and have all the pure water we can use to green as much of our country as we could want too! What food shortage? What functional limitation would this country have?

On a more intimate note: Back to the complaints about contamination of our food supply, rising cost of growing and shipping it, lack of general nutrients in what is available, etc.

With obesity (and I call obesity any body fat over what is needed for surviving a couple weeks or so without food)rampant, and ignorance of the seriousness of our nutrient choices we could make to fuel a stronger response to all the forces that fight for our ability to decide on what will build our health vs kill our health I believe that God is bringing us to these times to force the masses to rethink how far they have wandered from his simple truths and to break the addictions to living the life he has in store for us.

Barefoot Running has taught me that feet are far more adaptable, durable and satisfying to be on than is taught or spoken of even in medical circles.

Barefoot Running and my low carb - low fat, high protien + veggies and some fruit with my GBG 10 n 1 Liquid Multi with MA Plus has shown me that one can actually regenerate gout and arthritic joints back to brand new health.

Fuel crisis? What fuel crisis? The real crisis is one of a fuel crisis is fuel for new thought! Time to break out of the sheep like mindset of the masses and rediscover this countrys sense of adventure and discovery. That desire for a life to be well lived and not waste on toil, anguish and struggle.

Life is for the truly living...

Who's out there that is WILLING to step out their boxes and discover a new country... A new people... God in new ways?

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