Thursday, August 14, 2008

This page is for those who want radically better health and the wages to support living that way.

When I look at all the wonderful people the Lord brings me in contact with daily I can't help but wonder what would it take help them find what I have found in the realm of running?

Having been a fitness trainer and an endurance and power sport athlete most of my life I've heard so many people say... I just don't have the time, I can't afford memberships, sessions, I don't have the energy, my old injuries, I'm to old, and on an on....

Well it's time to take the mystery out of achieving extraordinary healing, fitness, stamina, strength, recovery and even creating the time and energy to build these into a lifestyle that make health and fitness natural and not an extra thing to do.

A couple years ago I parked my road bike and rediscovered my love for the simplicity of running.

Having the huge endurance engine I have naturally wanted to move into the same kind of milage and time durations I was used to in cycling.

This led to a very sudden awareness that flaws in the way my legs, feet and hips worked were destroying my joints and feet.

In my quest to find out how others had over come running related injuries I began to see that those who wore shoes running seemed to reinjure often and predictably. Many seemed to resort to settling for just a few miles at a time or cross training a lot to give themselves something to do until they healed from the dameage done while running.

I also saw a huge drop out rate which told me something fundamentally was wrong with the way most approached running.

I asked God to show me a way through the carnage I was witnessing and experiencing and within a week or so he directed me to a web site that was all about Barefoot Running!

Lo and Behold.... I read story after story written by others sharing how they had ditched shoes and found that all their injuries were miraculously healed and never have come back!

Then a light came on! A facinating fella out or Huntington Beach, CA who has 2 first names (Ken Bob)said a truth that changed my understanding of running health forever.

He said, "Running Barefoot forces correct biomechanics"!

Ponder that for a minute....

If you take off your shoes and then set out running anywhere...

The God designed in biofeedback loop in the soles of your feet will immediately, accurately and repetitously coach you on every movement you make. Every weakness in the feet, ankles, toes, shins, calves, alignment of the thighs, which muscles you use in what sequence, your hip tilt and balance, your spinal alignment, the symetry of how your arms swing and hang from your shoulders and even whether your head sits centered on your torso or leans to far forward... Will all be spoken to you through the soles of your feet!

I came to realize we have all beed decieved about the value of barefeet and how that supports proper posture, movement, balance, comfort, attunement, agility, proper use of the legs as shock absorbers (Instead of a "Jack Hammers"!)

Discovered Barefoot Running gave birth to a Spirit of Satisfaction and a Passion for the art of running that I never expected.

I've turned my 10 mile comute to work and back into Aerobic Threshold Training sessions with work gear, and food and water for a day.

I'm realizing at 51 yrs of age or as I think of it "51 laps around the Sun" that having finally found out how active and involved God is in the most minute details of my life and the love and passion I have for barefoot running.

I want to create a lifestyle now that will allow me the freedom to explore how far God will take me in this new form of expression of my spirit... Actually "his Spirit"

I'm looking asking the Lord and looking for others who are discovering they feel a call to move deeper into running as a means to connect with God, inspire others, develope both friendships and lifestyles that support all the freedom that going to running events, creating running events, touring the lands that God sends us too, touching the lives of those he brings to us in his name.

On the right side of this page are links to explore that can be doorways to other aspects of what has awakened in your soul (soles?) :o)

If you do find that the journeys into any of the attached sites inspires a new awakening, confirms whispers the Lord has already planted in your mind and heart, feel free to contact me by any means I've supplied you with.

My contact info is available via a link on the bottom of the page of the first link on the right.

Remember that God Speed is the perfect speed... Stay with that and always be where God is leading you.

All men will die but most will not live fully.

Brave Heart


Anonymous said...

Thanks for creating this site and sharing your knowledge of running with us.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog, praise God. I'll I just found it on Google. Be keeping up!