Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tis the Season to be Jolly.... Or is it?

This is my blog and the topics cover everything that come to me through God.

The things I learn while running barefoot all over the country side, at work, at home, in my dreams, standing in line at the grocery store or in the midst of a church sermon or bible study group discussion.

It's Christmas season and for many out there it's not going to feel like it. As I read of the plight of those who are being laid off, let go, cut back, over worked and under paid, and the new term "Under Employed" I feel many things but one of them is not like it's time yet to count only my blessings.

Technically, I too am one of the Under Employed. I work for a local Honda dealer in the Wholesale or Internet Sales Dept. and as most know the car business as a whole has ground down to a trickle at best even on the below invoice pricing side of it.

I enjoyed helping people get a "fat free" quote and stream lining the buying process so at it's shorter than most expect conclusion I'd get to hear: "Man, that was easier and faster than I have ever bought a car before!"

However with so many of you wondering if your even going to have a job in the next few days, weeks or months very few are confident enough to take on the responsibility of a new car loan even if they can get it at dead cost and for almost no interest loans.

That's reality. I accept that.

What I don't accept is that I have to stuck or trapped by what's going on in financial markets.

That's why I have made it my business to free as many of you as I can from the mental and financial constraints of the fear that grips our nation and now the globe.

I personally do not believe a government bailout of financial instruments that have out lived their usefulness is the solution. I believe the real solution is leverage more people into no risk and low risk home businesses that anyone can do and everyone who has an ounce of hope still alive in them will do.

The Government has acknowledged that SMALL BUSINESSES are the back bone of our nations economy.

Yes, Wall St. and Detroit are and have been big players also but times are changing. How many of you realized 2-4 yrs ago that debt was the core "asset" under the supposed pile of cash our banks were supposed to be sitting on when deposited our checks every 2 weeks?

How many of you realize debt is not a asset? Debt is a liability!

Our nation is in financial difficulty purely because it framed debt as an asset and marketed to every level of consumer in this nation without teaching the truth about how wealth is built.

Well, I'm here to state that era is over. We are in the information age and we do all have access to many different sources of information instantly so we can look at most things from many points of view and have learned to trust few single sources of info about anything beyond our relationships with God.

Ok, so we all know the nature of the problem. A Nation system in great distress. Many elements of it dieing a screaming death right before our eyes. (No matter how much money is poured into institutions that have bad business models do you trust them enough to invest in them? Of coarse not!) So no more need to grieve over their down fall.

The questions we need to all be asking is what can "We the People" do about it?

For the everyday person out on the street it does truly look bleak. For those of you reading these words there is hope. Great hope!

Matter of fact I don't even believe it was any kind of accident or even cooincidence that your here right now!

Ever since God woke me up to the pervasive nature of his involvement in my own life I have asked him to use me to serve his people. To help me become a bridge to his kingdom and help build that kingdom for his return in the flesh one day.

What's this got to do with the economy?

Everything.... God does provide....

Quick story... Some of you have heard it before but tuning into it is needed to make sure any given persons heart and mind are in agreement that God's solutions don't look like the worlds solutions. But he does provide... From there we have reach...

Farmers house is one flood plain and he hears reports on the radio that a heavy rain with possible floods is coming.

He heads for home. Puts away the animals and goes in to keep dry.

Here's on the radio that the rivers rising and everyone in his area should evacuate.
He take a moment to ask God to protect and take care of him.

In a bit the local Sheriff comes by and suggest he get in his truck and leave. He tells him he if a faithfull man and God is looking out over him. He declines and sends him on his way.

Eventually, he realizes the river has over flowed into his fields and is heading for his house. He does his best to sand bag his doors.

The water rises....

Comes in through his doors and evenually the down stairs windows.

He says, "Awwwe, no big deal. I'll go up stairs and ride it out!
God will protect me...

Once he's up stairs he realizes it's coming on up the stairs!

He here's a thump out side and looks out and it's one of his neighbors in a boat up against the house upstairs window and upon seeing him is suggesting he climb in and get out there as they say this is a big one and don't see a crest in sight! (Sound familiar)

How tells his neighbor..."Nawwwww, just go on. I'm not leaving... this will crest and I'll be fine. Gods watching over me!"

Off the neighbor goes....

The waters continue to rise.... Up throught the attic and onto the roof top he goes....

The waters continue to rise.... A helicoptor comes by... "We're here to rescue you!"
And again he waves them off yelling, "NO, GO ON... I'M FINE! GOD IS PROTECTING ME" and reluctantly they go on....

The water continues to rise until he is floated off the house... and drowns....

Next thing he knows he's in heaven....

Once he realizes he has passed over he finds God and asked him....

"God I was faithful! I asked you to protect me! Why did you let me down?"

God said, "Son, I did protect you! Who do you think sent all the efforts to rescue you!"

The moral of the story is consider this blog to be your helicopter ride out of the rising waters.

Click on the links to the right of this story and find the helicopter you would like to lift you out of your deluge.

God's trying to clean up a mess made by man. He's not saying your that mess. He's saying he is here to set you free! To make you a victor and not a victim in life. To prosper you and not to steal from, kill or destroy you.

He has worked harder than you can ever comprehend to bring you to this moment in your life. Reach for my hand. I was sent to help you live through him. The tools and insights I offer were his gifts to me. They are worthless if I can't use them to lift up you.

Take him at his word... Live out John 10:10

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