Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Wealth is the Richness of my Relationships!

I grew up a quiet and shy kid who secretly always wanted friends to play with but had bought into the adult message (or curse) of kids should be seen and not heard.

I spent many decade bumping up against the invisible glass wall and ceiling I imposed upon myself not knowing how I created nor perpetuated this walking, riding, running prison of isolation I lived within.

This points to the nature of our decisions. In a moment we can give life to a train of thought that can change every aspect of our lives for decades or even an entire lifetime.

So how important are the quality of our thoughts? Even more important is how we feel at the time we focus on those thoughts!

If we sow the seeds of fear, lack, inability, fear of anything we literally put up a firewall in that area of our lives to keep out what we really want.

How sad?

Well, the good news is that just as it only take a moment of intense feeling about any thought to lock it into "Cellular Memory" (Try stubbing your toe, look at your thoughts about it and notice how you really begin to make an effort to avoid situations that might mean opportunities to stub you toe!)

It's also that easy to undo "blocks or blind spot" where our lives have become blocked or frozen.

If you are aware that you have self sabataging patterns or things you've been working on changeing about your behavior, perceptions or feelings but they keep returning back to the old reactionary pattern I can show you how to break them once and for all.

More to come! Time to go our for a barefoot run!

OK, I'm back...

Most associate the brain as being the source of memory when in truth every cell in our body is a part of the almost infinite "harddrive" that last a whole lifetime. That's called "Cellular Memory".

Cellular Memory begins at the moment of our creation in the union of a sperm and a egg believe it or not! That means every experience you have ever been exposed to for every second of your entire life is recorded in every cell of your whole body.

I went through a training back in the late 1980's revolving around the identification of, testing for and correction of Dyslexia's that involved the use of the body's muscles and nerve circuits via the science of Kinisiology.

The most profound thing about this training was in order to become certified to by work with private clients and qualify to teach to other professionals who wanted to help dyslexics I had to be tested at each stage of learning process and when "stress induced blind spots" where found; they had to "cleared" or unblocked.

I was astounded that so many of what I thought were "no big deal" and unrelated events along my time line of growing up and things that I experienced or happened as an adult had actual measureable impact on things like my sense of balance, coordination, depth perception, hearing, vision, caused me to alter my posture, weakened or shut off various nerve and muscle groups and pathways, even my perceptions and ability to recall were full of holes.

Every moment of our lives is a "Learning Moment" and without much conscious analysis we make decisions about what things mean, how we felt about that event, thought, person, sound, taste, touch, smell, etc. and depending on whether it was deemed a good or empowering feeling or a bad and disempowering feeling we lock that down into cellular memory so we know how we prefer to deal with similar situations in the future. Those future decisions will be based on feed back from your five senses.
If it looks like, feels like, sounds like, smells like, taste like, it must be like! From there will begin behaviors that either move us towards or away from what we believe in the outer world is that group of decisions!

So how do you break those "Re - Actions" (and by the way your Re - Actions can come in many forms. Examples: severe reaction to bee stings, allergies, hives, if your an athlete; favoring injury of a certain body part or side of the body over and over again, in ability to comprehend things you read or recall them after reading, self sabatage patterns in relationships or work, compulsive, obsessive or addictive behavior, phobias to name a few.

There is a very technical way to unravel all these patterns that I was taught and worked with for years. I will spare you the long version and share with you a means I have found to cut through all that and is much more effective and gentle:

What ever the problem appears to be as a symptom in present time go somewhere quiet and where you feel safe to close your eyes for a few minutes uninterupted.

Once there... Close your eyes and go back to the earliest time you can recall the beginning of the present time symptoms or feelings associated with the symptoms.

Remember as much of what each of your five senses percieved at that time as you can.

Then knowing what you know today and the price you paid for making the decisions you made back then about that event or time in your life ask Jesus to take over responsibility for the path of carnage you have suffered to date as the result of your thoughts and feelings you locked down at the age of cause.

Obviously, those decisions about how to think, feel and behave from that point forward costed you something or maybe even someone!

That's because those memories were never intended to be saved. They were intended to make you stronger, more tender, more understanding, to build you not to harm you.

You must give them up. Giving them up to maker of the entire Universe is actually very reasonable. After all God's heart is big enough to heal anything and contains all things... Ultimately for your very own benifit.

Don't believe me? Try it... What do you have to lose? You know what you've got to lose!

The decision is yours and yours alone. He is waiting....

Lord, I offer up to you today the baggage I've carried all these years that does not belong to me. Does not serve my becoming closer to you and living the life you brought me into this world to walk out.
Lord, I cannot shoulder this stuff any longer but I know your shoulders carry the whole world. Take this burden and do with it what you will. Allow me to move on to the next level of becoming more of what you will for my life Lord.

Give thanks for what you have learned in how life here on the Earth works and wait patiently for a sense of lightness to come over you.

God Speed


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