Friday, September 18, 2009

The Feet Are Better Designed Than Any Shoes

Welcome to this road map to finding deeper truths about Running and other expressions of Life!

This site is based on the belief that Barefoot Running is inherently safe and relatively painless provided we don't run over things that are sharp enough to puncture, burn or freeze the soles. And to minimally use thin soled coverings that do not interfere with the foot, leg or hips posture. I aim to bust myths about both physical and psychological barriers to Barefoot Running.

Foam padded, elevated heels,  motion control,  are not only unnecessary in most cases, they are also no match for a persons own sense of biomechanical instinct, intuition and bio-feedback through a bare sole.

Barefoot Running is built into our DNA and spiritual, magical and miraculous - Running is natural for human kind but not when it's managed, controlled, and manipulated by the shoe industry and it's way over hyped marketing machine, or hindered by the Runners own mind.

In the articles, stories and links on this site I hope to present a new way of looking at Running, and ultimately, at life.

Running is a gift to be enjoyed not a curse to be endured. The time has come for us to cast off our doubts and fears, and learn to believe in our own abilities.

What better place to start than with the slipping off of our mental myths, then our shoes and beginning to feel with bare soles the whole (Holy) ground they they were made to touch, feel, listen and adapt to?

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pogaplayer said...

Loved your article. I had the opportunity to be involved with a 12 week bootcamp this past summer, with Kathy Smith. We experienced how to run bare foot. it was great.