Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Goal is 100% Health!

What do we need to do to reach 100% of our Optimal Health potential?

I’ve come to realize in my 52 and a half laps around the sun that our society and the tribal groups we grow up in by default play huge roles programming us with hypnotic curses that blind us to Natural God given truths in some cases before even birth!

As I have found myself struggling through various challenging mentally, emotionally, financially, socially, physically over the decades I’ve identified some key areas of which I can say I have peeled back the facades and found what they were actually hiding (Much deeper and more profound truths)

Some of the areas I’ve found in great need of more light for the masses include:

1. Running: The Myth that traditionally available Running Shoes are required, needed or that they even Prevent Injuries. Also when is some sort of sole covering appropriate and what to select for those times?

2. Fueling the Human Engine: The Myth that Cooked Foods (Even Organically Grown Cooked Foods) provide the Body with everything it needs for Optimal Daily Regeneration and Function. I also bust the Myth that 100% RAW is the best way to go!

3. Funding in Life: The Myth that Jobs are Essential to Funding Life. Jobs are Time and Resource Thieves for those with Dreams larger than the cubicle they work in or the Boss that Governs their Slave Like Existence. Also when is it a job appropriate and for who?

4. Birthing: The Myth that being born is inherently Dangerous. That Woman are too meek and weak to give Birth Naturally or At Home and when is it appropriate to have medical intervention or support?

How do I expose the trail of lies, half truths and deceptive marketing that cover up the real truths to these Myths?

Below or and to the right of this page you will find links to educational sites and videos that will unpack and decompile these myths so you yourself can make have your own realizations and make your own decisions about what these deeper revelations mean to you and what your willing to do about their effects upon your life and those you care about.

Feel free to reach back to me via Facebook, text or a phone call (my mobile is on my Facebook Profile who's link is the very first listed link below) to share your perspectives, realizations, decisions, and insights beyond what I’ve seen so far.

My objective here is "Activate, Empower, and Encourage" more like Spirits to rise up and out of the muck we each found ourselves in of limited and death inducing belief and behavior patterns and become living examples of what life can be.

Bring on your "Shine"

We all live in unlocked cages.... For most that’s scary.... For the few that's opportunity!


Tom Bailey said...

I "ran" into some people that barefoot ran the marathon in Long Beach with me. Anything is possible... barefoot running included.

Thank you very much for sharing.

Kindest regards,
Tom Bailey

RawWay said...

Great post! I agreed with every single myth you talked about. I'm 70% Raw and happy here. I believe its what I FEEL best at and i've come to the point of trusting my body, so thats what i'm going with.