Sunday, June 24, 2012

Money as a Tool for Social and Financial Justice

Lot's of people are posting about your money spent is a vote for the future you want to create.

I say that's not even a half truth. A Half Truth always hides a Whole Lie!

Just because your "Going Vegan," Becoming Fitter than You ever have Before, Buying "Cruelty Free" products, Putting your Cash into more Environmentally Sustainable pursuits, completely over looks the fact that we are transitioning to a society where being employed is fast becoming the "Old School" version of "Early American Slavery." Never mind that the job world is hitting a sprint pace towards either outsourcing every job to those who will do the work for far less than your paid right now to do it or software, computers and machines are being created to replace you, your department, and even entire companies!

Your efforts of spending your money more wisely is like someone inside a cage outside screaming you want out and the door is unlocked!

Let the manner in which you earn those dollars reflect a vote for your personal and financial freedom.

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