Saturday, August 25, 2012

What is your Spiritual DNA?

Most don't give thought to this area but the body is held together by an invisible and unmeasurable force called our Will to Live.

We've all seen people who have strong wills to live and their body's, minds and over all energy reflect it. Then there is the other side of the spectrum where a person loses their will to live and no force on this Earth can keep them alive. They just check out....

This brings me to a point.... We all came here spiritually encoded to manifest what is optimal for our own unique unfoldment. An Optimization of the Spirit so to speak. As the title of this post infers the blue print or map is built into our Spiritual DNA. Like a wind through the trees, the wind of our souls never stops blowing through the strands of our actual DNA trying to manifest from the body level up and outwards what we most need to learn for the next level in our evolution and unfoldment. Our quest is to stop listening to all the noise of this world and to start using the world as a parabolic microphone to amplify what our souls are telling us and heed its calling.

This is why a clean, species appropriate diet "Frugan", Natural Exercises like Barefoot Running, Body Weight Calisthenics, Yoga and becoming Self Employed are essential elements to our attunement and responsiveness to spirit.

This site contains tools and insights that can feed your interest in getting to know more about your Spiritual DNA and it's messages.


I look forward to hearing about what new discoveries you make from here on....


Erskien Lenier

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