Sunday, September 9, 2012

Internet Marketing: The 21st Century Doorway Beyond The Matrix

In our everyday trudging back and forth from home to work, enduring the work day then trudging back home to hopefully recharge and get up and trudge off again at least 5 days a week or more most of us never give deep thought to what other viable career fields exist within arms reach that we could retool up to do from home successfully.


I Sci-Fi movies we've all seen flicks where parallel universes (The Matrix) exist, usually with the occupants of at least one of them not the slightest aware of the existence of the other. So it is for those of us that have found the door-way so to speak to the "Alternative Universe" in the field of Internet Marketing from Home.

The above image depicts that your boss won't want you "Waking Up" to his or her secrets to leaving "The Matrix" but the great part is "They Can't Stop You! - NEO!" :)

Once I realized that getting paid such a small portion of what I made for any employer was all that was going to show up in my pay check and having to "Stuff my Dreams" as every other month or so got wind that "The Boss" was on yet another vacation to some beautiful, dream like place while I struggled to make the month and the money over lap for myself, my wife and kids living below the poverty line. Can you relate to that?

I awakened from "Kool Aid" induced depression I was feeling every day that I parked myself at my desk as I got more reports of people in the industry I worked in literally dropping dead at work or going down hill fast from dealing with lay off after lay off or the stress of being "under employed"

I decided to used my angst as a catalyst to motivate me to seriously look at how more and more of the wealthy people who did business with my employer I was meeting owned homes at the beach and in the mountains, had car payments 3 times my house payment, yet had years of reserve cash in the bank were doing to generate so much cash. As I followed the money trail I discovered more and more of them were not some golden chaired executive for XYZ Corp just skimming off the top.

Many of them were "Information Brokers." After all we live in the "Information Age" now do we not?

What do I mean by "Information Brokers?" In the Information Age especially "Online" people who want to or already have businesses on the Internet have constant information needs in regard to how to drive traffic to their websites or offerings. They value their time so automation is of high priority. They, like me want to get paid if at all possible 100% of what they earn to keep their business life simple.

The old adage of "Success Leaves Clues!" Was the ticket to learning how to become the "Information Broker" to the millions upon millions of Internet Business Owners and those just coming into this niche online everyday and being able to collect a literal river of cash for saving them time and money as they search the web for resources they need to set up and automate shop.

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