Thursday, November 22, 2012

Why do so many runners feet ache? Could it be B12?

Most think their feet ache because they run. If one runs with bad running form - meaning landing on the heels causing the whole front of the foot to it's own version of a face plant step after step instead of landing on the front of the foot - ball area and allowing the arches to do what an arch is designed to do then yes, there will be hurt.
Eliminating bad form brings the focus back to other seemingly mysterious causes of chronic foot pain. This is the area that usually either sends the runner to his or her MD who quickly turns the visit into an opportunity to justify surgery and or drugs as if you somehow had developed a shortage of drugs and being cut upon...

About 2 yrs ago into my now 5 yrs of barefoot ultra running I was 3 miles into my M-F 15 mile a day menu when I noticed a burning pain iminateing out of the top of my right foot... by the time I got back home after a couple hours of running in a rare Southern California Deluge the right foot felt like a red hot ice pick had been jabbed into the space between my big toe and the next toes "metatarsals" which are like the bones in your hands that connect your fingers to your wrist bones.

I took a few days off from running and even took the bus where ever I needed to go to give my foot some rest. Walking bare or in any kind of sole covering was painful... I consulted with MD's - just as expected they all wanted to drug me, cut me or tell me to put on shoes and get orthotics. Xrays ruled out fractures or breaks. Best they could offer was "inflammation to the nerve sheath that covers the large nerve that runs between the metatarsals of the right foot.

So off to the internet I went.... After browsing a few running forums I was surprised that so many reported the same symptoms and how so many had fallen for the MD's fear tactics and came out regretting the choice and finding those moves made it worse and created other problems. This hardened my commitment to finding an organic solution to the problem.

Then I came across a few sites pointing out the a vitamin B12 deficiency can cause nerve sheath inflammation and even nerve death. I'd heard the warnings about B12 deficiency for decades but knew nothing more than the warnings which made that topic pretty irrelevant.

As the weeks and then months went by and I could not even run 2 blocks without limping I came back to the internet and started researching B12 deficiency symptoms. This lead me to a book on Amazon called "Could it Be B12?"

This book blew the doors off my awareness of what the symptoms of B12 deficiency are and how prevalent the symptoms are with most of the people we know and don't know around us. The author is not vegan or Frugan as I am but her insights from having been an ER Nurse for a long period of time and having a husband that is an MD who has eyes for spotting and questioning things that Big Pharma has programmed doctors to misdiagnose to create drug and surgical customers was priceless.

The 2 things not mentioned in the book was where B12 comes from in nature (and it's not the flesh of other animals) and reliable non medical sources for B12 that don't involve syringes and injections.

B12 actually comes from a bacteria native to most soils that human plant foods naturally grow in. These bacteria are the sole source for this vitamin on planet Earth for us as all other forms of B12 are not recognized by human biology as useful and leaves us testing negative for B12 deficiency in some test while in reality we may be in a life threatening deficiency - and yes, B12 deficiency can be lethal and you will be amazed to realize how many meat eating humans die from this every day after you read the above book.

Because of the FDA, the food growing and processing industry has become obsessed about allowing any soil to remain on any plants grown for human consumption. Along with the degrading effects of factory farming like the spraying of tons of poisons on the plants and the soil that kill off the B12 producing bacteria our foods whether vegan or not are almost devoid of the type of B12 we essentially need to stay healthy and in my case and many of your cases need to maintain healthy nerve sheath function.

I hate needles and once I realized that not only did I show multiple signs of B12 deficiency but most of my family tree, and most of the people I know that seem fitness and health wise unstable or in declining condition.

After reading the book I realized that the quality of the B12 was far more important than we've been taught and that to fully refuel up the missing elements in my nervous system that had survived decades of my ignorance in this area (I remember decades of buying $800-1000 custom hand made cycling shoes to try to keep my feet from feeling like they were catching on fire 60-100 miles into a mountainous ride or race! - that's called Neurapathy!) I came upon a site
Once I started consuming this version of B12 within just 1 week I was back to running 15 miles a day after almost exactly 3 months of zero miles per day! I took 3 capsules twice per day for the first 2 months then phased them down to 3 caps 1-2 times per week now.

I can now look back and see that despite the super human amounts of cycling and running I have done I was teetering on the brink of much more serious symptoms of B12 deficiency for decades.... Get the book! Read it cover to cover... If you have symptoms and have insurance coverage get tested. If you don't have coverage just get the capsules I suggested as they offer a free 30 day trial where you only pay for shipping and offer up to a one year money back guaranty that if your not happy or see improvements they will refund your money back on any bottles you buy. I saw that as a "Can't Lose!" and ordered the 3 bottle discount package as I knew what I was up against and believe in food over drugs all day long. I consider B12 to be a food substance and not a drug as it is as essential as water to our survival. Without it we die... End of story...
One more point to ponder... What's in the B12 that makes it so important to us? Get this... It's radioactive element called Cobalt.... Where does cobalt come from? It is only formed in the hearts of stars when the explode at the Super Nova stage of their lives. That's right... One tiny key element that only is manufactured in the cores of the largest known nuclear events in the Universe and we need it to even exist.... Talk about a symbiotic relationship with the Universe... We must humble ourselves and realize our place in the Universe and on this Earth before our arrogance turns us back to dust....

Erskien Lenier
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