Sunday, December 23, 2012

What Actually Drives Erskien to Live and Post the Way He Does?

Being born with the realization that who and what I am and my drive to live my life from my own inspired spirit I hold these truths to be "Self Evident"....

A truly great teacher does not tell you what to think, but instead will teach you how to actually think....

The views of this YouTube poster very closely represents my own and I highly recommend that you watch as many of his videos and compared their messages against the back drop of your life and use what you find to lock arms with me and the growing Revolution of Others to unleash Freedom every where...

Join The Revolution and Live a Radical and Loving Life,

Erskien Lenier

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Best Source of Information about Living Successfully Fruitarian

I get bombarded with "Vegans" wanting me to endorse their version of Human Fueling. I have found it interesting in the sense that every fueling book reflects the limitations of the authors athletic development.

When I speak of development, I see that the body builder types whether Frugan or not in orientation they seem to supplement or eat far in excess of 10% of the calories from protein.

The rest of the none aerobically fit vegans seem to focus on more than 10% of their calories from fats and proteins and believe in "Super Foods". (There is no such thing as "Super Foods", either your foods feed and nourish or they are not human foods and they poison and limit human functionality) 

As a person who has always pursued body weight calisthenics oriented strength training and anaerobic threshold level endurance training I recognized that if a person really wants to be well rounded in fitness including recovery, strength, flexibility, and suppleness, one has to stay within the calorie-nutrient ratios that all other primates thrive within which is 80% of ones calories coming from living carbs, 10% from living proteins or living aminos and 10% of their fat calories from living fats or fatty acids.

 I am going to begin writing my own Ultra LandSurfing Fueling Guide that will come available somewhere in 2013 but until then the best guide to use and implement is still "The 80-10-10 Diet" by Douglas Graham 
available via the clickable image:


Erskien Lenier
Frugan LandSurfer