Tuesday, January 1, 2013

21st Century Funding for Freedom and Sanity

We are well into the 21st century now and most people are still trying to hang onto 20th century style means of funding their journeys through life.

That means they still believe that a J.ust O.ver B.roke that steals over 40 prime waking hours from them every week of their lives until they conk over and fall into a casket or urn is their only viable option to pay for their life along the way.

Because jobs seem to be disappearing that support that line of thinking they also believe that funding sources are becoming scarce and they must sell themselves out even more so to keep a place to sleep and store their stuff and wheels to get back and forth to the "Human Factory Farm" so they can earn the money to pay for the car and the house they only get to sleep in but not actually live in and the car that is just a gas powered wheel chair until they deteriorate to needing an electric one.

There is another legitimate way to replace a traditional job so one can have money AND a LIFE... It's works on the same principles the owner of the company you currently work for understands that allows him or her or them to take multiple paid for, tax deductible vacations each year, go home whenever they want to, come in dressed like a bum while your dressed like a "money ho" and make what ever amount of cash you need to fund the lifestyle that you see fit for on your journey.

 Leverage is the reality that your company's owners could not create the massive results the entire company's staff generates by him or her self.

Leverage is being willing to get paid a smaller amount than 100% of whats earned but having many - if not 100's or even 1000's of others working for you while they are working for themselves and you get a small bit of what they earn for your business, parent company, network...

The HUGE difference in the Leverage a Home Business type network creates is that every member of that companies network has the SAME opportunity to grow any size income they choose to go for without needing the permission or being tripped up by those above or below or to the side of them.

Unlike traditional MLM's with over prices products or ridiculously inflated monthly "membership fees or subscriptions" the trend that is thriving focuses on Social Networking which means helping people get better deals of things and services they already buy, pay for and feel are very important to the core functionality of their lives.

Make the WISER CHOICE.... Social Networking is the NEW ECONOMY...


Erskien Lenier

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