Friday, May 24, 2013

Why would you want to become Super Fit - Super Fed and Financially Free?

They say we only use about 10% of our brains capacity throughout most if not all of our lives. I say that's also true of our fitness potential of which must be fueled by the very freshest and most potent human species appropriate fuels available on the planet.

I've personally experienced and continue to watch those around me and my cyber friends struggle with the limitations of having the stresses of ordinary life drains and restrict our ability to be free enough to train, rest and express to our own souls rhythms. I'm very intimately experienced with the restrictions of both not having enough time and money to just get on with life and just do the stuff of life that really matters instead the task an employer wants done for a hand full dollars in exchange for my ever so priceless time.

Friends.... Every one of us has only so many days upon this Earth journey.... Don't waste it Dread Milling your life away inefficiently creating just enough cash flow to let you sniff your potential but never getting to live it day in and day out....

It's your heritage and right to live your dreams. Let no one and nothing stop you from moving on to The Next Level in your Life.

This site is to inspire you to just that aim...

Aching for the tools to be able to bridge the gap from where you are in life to the life you know is your truest destiny? Here is what I have found to be perfect bridges to creating more money in less time each week until all you have is all your time and more than enough cash flowing on auto pilot to do what ever it is you live to do as long as you want to and where ever you want to.

Explore... and choose to create your Ideal and Truest Life.

Erskien and Barbara Lenier

Monday, May 13, 2013

Bananas - Simpy Delicious

Bananas were cultivated in India 4,000 years ago. 


In 1482, the Portuguese found the banana on the Guinea coast and carried it with them to the Canary Islands. 

Spanish priests are credited with having introduced this fruit to tropical America when they arrived as missionaries in the sixteenth century. Now, the banana can be found in all tropical countries.

The first known species of banana is the plaintain. or cooking banana.

The plantain has a salmon-colored and gummy texture, and a slightly acid taste. This fruit has been a substitute for bread or potatoes in many countries, and is slowly being introduced to the United States.
Bananas are usually harvested green, shipped green, and ripened by wholesale fruit jobbers in air-conditioned ripening rooms.

 The Gros Michel variety is the most popular of the many varieties.

It produces the largest and most compact bunch, which makes it easier to ship. The thick skin of the banana protects the soft fruit.
Other popular varieties of banana are the Claret, or red banana, which has
a gummy flesh;

the Lady Finger, which is the smallest variety, but has a delicate, sweet flavor;

and the Apple, which has an acid flavor and tastes somewhat like a mellow apple.

In the tropics, bananas are often cooked and served with beans, rice, or tortillas. In the Latin American countries, the ripe banana is sometimes dried in the sun in much the same manner as figs and raisins.

They arc often sliced when ripe and left in the sun until they are covered with a coating of white, sugary powder that arises from their own juices.
The banana has no particular growing season. A ripe banana is firm, with a plump texture, strong peel, and no trace of green on the skin. A skin that is flecked with brown means the fruit is good.
Fully ripe bananas are composed of 76 percent water, 20 percent sugar, and 12 percent starch.


The sugars in the banana are readily assimilated, and they contain many vitamins and minerals, and a great deal of fiber. They are excellent for young children and infants and are good in reducing diets because they satisfy the appetite and are low in fat.

Because they are so soft, they are good for persons who have intestinal disturbances, and for convalescents. Bananas feed the natural acidophilus bacteria of the bowel, and their high potassium content benefits the muscular system.

NUTRIENTS IN ONE POUND (edible portion)

Calories: 299
Protein: 3.6 g
Fat: 0.6 g
Carbohydrates: 69.9 g
Calcium: 24 mg
Phosphorus: 85 mg
Iron: 1.8 mg
Vitamin A: 1,300 I.U.
Thiamine: 0.27 mg
Riboflavin: 0.19 mg
Niacin: 1.7 mg
Ascorbic acid: 29 mg

So Fruit Up  and Set Yourself Free
Erskien Lenier

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Funding an Ultra Freedom Lifestyle

Obviously living on primarily organically grown, fresh picked fruits, greens and veggies is going to cost more day to day than the common dead foods diet.

How do we fund such a dietary upgrade?

Just as to become anywhere near your fitness potential you will need to build into your lifestyle the time to do what you have a passion for fitness wise, same is true for funding. Generally, one must be willing to find, create or do something that will leverage ones efforts as your efforts were multiplied as in having an army of others helping you like in the structure of an ever growing business pyramid type structure.

A friend of mine - Micheal Arnstein, who is well known Fruitarian and Ultra Runner created a nice video that some of you might find useful. See below

I came from a family tree of entrepreneurs and the idea of being strapped to a brick and mortar store with lots of inventory and employees has never been attractive to me.

I have since met tons of men and women who live millionaire lifestyles of doing what ever they want every day with no financial concerns after as little as a year of working from home and mainly over the internet to know that there are options.

The choices I have gravitated to that I find easy compared to a job are these:
My first is a new player in the mobile phone service niche that cuts out all the CEO gauging and 2 yr golden handcuff contracts to allow us to not just reduce our mobile bills but actually eliminate them and turn them into growing income streams. 

Erskien Lenier
Feel free to call or text me with questions at 951-515-8905

Running Food for the Long Haul

First clue: We all know humans suck at taking down large animals or even fast animals with no technology.

Second clue: We seem to be proportioned externally and internally like fruit and plant eating primates rather than carnivorous Earthlings.

Third clue: You can take just about any land animals young and put them amidst an assortment of possible foods both living plants - fruits - veggies and other living animals or even dead animals and that as yet unprogrammed by it's parents and peers youngster will automatically locate and begin consuming it's native foods. Example: put a toddler in a play pen with a slice of honey dew or ripe peach, a bunny rabbit,  whole raw eggs, even an assortment of seeds as they come off their plants.... No brainer eh?

To learn the biomechanical and biochemical truth about human fueling scroll down to the image of fruits and click on the image on the right of the page "The 80-10-10 Diet"

To put your mobile phone to work so you don't have to click here:

Erskien Lenier
Professional LandSurfer

Creating a Second Income From Home

Why is generating your own money outside a job vital to your personal freedom?
Everyone would like to have all 24 hours of every day of the week to do what they really want to do AND....
...have a predictably growing stream or even river of money flowing into their bank account and available from any where in their country or even other countries.

Few know that this is not just a fantasy but literally millions of people actually live this reality!

People envy millionaires, thinking they've got the above nailed.... Actually that's not the reality for most of them. Many paid a price that has them shackled to keeping that cash flow going or they reprogrammed their minds to never be satisfied with having enough and have become obsessed with greed.

Like optimized running, creating a cash flow from home, the internet or even ones mobile phone success rate is purely predicated on ones ability to follow in the foot steps of those who have mastered what you want to do before you.... In other words, studying their success patterns and practices so you don't have to spend years learning through trial and error.

My approach has always been to get behind trends that are already happening due to market demand that can be lightly marketed by such simple things as Blogging or Facebook post with affiliate links that give the interested party the opportunity to explore what I'm doing with the option to reach me for any lingering questions.

Phone or Internet based systems that more or less automate most of the marketing, prospect tracking, enrolling new participants - members - partners.
Online Free Webinars with phone dial in to listen from any where options and online videos teach what what works.
Once one implements what's taught in these sessions and tools,  bit by bit their networks others desiring to save money and or make money grows and with it you earn back your right to do life your own way 24-7.

This is a form Service to Others means that if you help enough others find their path to financial and time freedom you automatically get yours

Solavei - my mobile service provider of choice, includes the opportunities to immediately reduce ones mobile bill all the way down to more than nothing - meaning - by using their included marketing tools (suite) one can create a river of referrals almost on auto pilot and Solavei will pay monthly referral bonuses for everyone personally and not personally referred each month to a purple Visa debit card they issue every subscriber. I know a lot of members that earn enough make their monthly mobile, other bills, house payments, and more in just a few months of following the steps outlined.

The offer to the right of this post is your portal to explore such an opportunity.

In return you could discover that your dreams are a lot nearer than you've ever thought and find this year to be "The Year" you finally were able to "Live the Life of Your Dreams" instead settling for building your Bosses, the Owners of or the Stock Holders of the company you work for.