Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Funding an Ultra Freedom Lifestyle

Obviously living on primarily organically grown, fresh picked fruits, greens and veggies is going to cost more day to day than the common dead foods diet.

How do we fund such a dietary upgrade?

Just as to become anywhere near your fitness potential you will need to build into your lifestyle the time to do what you have a passion for fitness wise, same is true for funding. Generally, one must be willing to find, create or do something that will leverage ones efforts as your efforts were multiplied as in having an army of others helping you like in the structure of an ever growing business pyramid type structure.

A friend of mine - Micheal Arnstein, who is well known Fruitarian and Ultra Runner created a nice video that some of you might find useful. See below

I came from a family tree of entrepreneurs and the idea of being strapped to a brick and mortar store with lots of inventory and employees has never been attractive to me.

I have since met tons of men and women who live millionaire lifestyles of doing what ever they want every day with no financial concerns after as little as a year of working from home and mainly over the internet to know that there are options.

The choices I have gravitated to that I find easy compared to a job are these:
My first is a new player in the mobile phone service niche that cuts out all the CEO gauging and 2 yr golden handcuff contracts to allow us to not just reduce our mobile bills but actually eliminate them and turn them into growing income streams.  http://wwww.Solavei.com/LandSurfer 

Erskien Lenier
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