Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Running Food for the Long Haul

First clue: We all know humans suck at taking down large animals or even fast animals with no technology.

Second clue: We seem to be proportioned externally and internally like fruit and plant eating primates rather than carnivorous Earthlings.

Third clue: You can take just about any land animals young and put them amidst an assortment of possible foods both living plants - fruits - veggies and other living animals or even dead animals and that as yet unprogrammed by it's parents and peers youngster will automatically locate and begin consuming it's native foods. Example: put a toddler in a play pen with a slice of honey dew or ripe peach, a bunny rabbit,  whole raw eggs, even an assortment of seeds as they come off their plants.... No brainer eh?

To learn the biomechanical and biochemical truth about human fueling scroll down to the image of fruits and click on the image on the right of the page "The 80-10-10 Diet"

To put your mobile phone to work so you don't have to click here: http://www.Solavei.com/LandSurfer

Erskien Lenier
Professional LandSurfer

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