Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Creating a Second Income From Home

Why is generating your own money outside a job vital to your personal freedom?
Everyone would like to have all 24 hours of every day of the week to do what they really want to do AND....
...have a predictably growing stream or even river of money flowing into their bank account and available from any where in their country or even other countries.

Few know that this is not just a fantasy but literally millions of people actually live this reality!

People envy millionaires, thinking they've got the above nailed.... Actually that's not the reality for most of them. Many paid a price that has them shackled to keeping that cash flow going or they reprogrammed their minds to never be satisfied with having enough and have become obsessed with greed.

Like optimized running, creating a cash flow from home, the internet or even ones mobile phone success rate is purely predicated on ones ability to follow in the foot steps of those who have mastered what you want to do before you.... In other words, studying their success patterns and practices so you don't have to spend years learning through trial and error.

My approach has always been to get behind trends that are already happening due to market demand that can be lightly marketed by such simple things as Blogging or Facebook post with affiliate links that give the interested party the opportunity to explore what I'm doing with the option to reach me for any lingering questions.

Phone or Internet based systems that more or less automate most of the marketing, prospect tracking, enrolling new participants - members - partners.
Online Free Webinars with phone dial in to listen from any where options and online videos teach what what works.
Once one implements what's taught in these sessions and tools,  bit by bit their networks others desiring to save money and or make money grows and with it you earn back your right to do life your own way 24-7.

This is a form Service to Others means that if you help enough others find their path to financial and time freedom you automatically get yours

Solavei - my mobile service provider of choice, includes the opportunities to immediately reduce ones mobile bill all the way down to more than nothing - meaning - by using their included marketing tools (suite) one can create a river of referrals almost on auto pilot and Solavei will pay monthly referral bonuses for everyone personally and not personally referred each month to a purple Visa debit card they issue every subscriber. I know a lot of members that earn enough make their monthly mobile, other bills, house payments, and more in just a few months of following the steps outlined.

The offer to the right of this post is your portal to explore such an opportunity.

In return you could discover that your dreams are a lot nearer than you've ever thought and find this year to be "The Year" you finally were able to "Live the Life of Your Dreams" instead settling for building your Bosses, the Owners of or the Stock Holders of the company you work for.

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