Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fruitarian Fueling - One of the Keys to Unlocking Super Human Abilities

For those still sitting on the fence wondering what they should be eating to optimize their body's systems for ideal or genetic potential this video should inspire you to jump off the high fat, high protein, low carb, limited performance pier....

For more on this way of fueling and funding and Unlimited Lifestyle of Freedom and Super Fitness, see the link list to the right of this post.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Why I Just Say NO to Running for Cures

I get approached pretty frequently about participating in someones run or walk or hike for the cure of something. I always decline the offer. Why?

Here is example of one of my responses:

Thanks for including me. I'm a bit more direct than these type of programs as I've learned they primarily enrich the researchers pockets so much that they become addicted to the cash flow scheme part of the quest and creatively, never find the supposed cure and fail to acknowledge information present them about the actual cause and cure presented by others that might threaten their paychecks.

Alzheimer's is caused by the consumption of animal fats, proteins, hormones, and other dead, cooked and processed food and drink like items that result in the pollution of the blood stream in such a way as to cause our glucose molecules (blood sugar) to become stuck to the excess fatty acids in a blood serum (plasma) that has become acidic in pH. These glucose molecules become too large to leave the blood stream through the capillary walls into the cells where the glucose was destined to be burned. This obstruction is what the medical view labels "high blood sugar", not noticing what "caused" the sugar to get stuck there or and not remembering that even in medical school they were taught that every cell in the human body runs on glucose or blood sugar.

That same animal fat - fatty acid makes red blood cells sticky and causes them to clump and eventually plug capillaries and even larger arteries and veins. All this leads to arterial inflammation which spreads inflammation to other systems causing Western Medical Researchers to ascribe every known label of illness we have and the opportunity to exploit the symptoms for profit by creating drugs people are told to buy monthly creating residual income for the medical cartels (which is slang for Health - Blind as a Bat!) and surgeries for high ticket one or multiple shot billable surgical income.

It's a corrupt and morally indefensible pattern in my view that I have committed my life to revealing and to those who recognize these patterns, hidden agendas and the need for what to do instead,  I offer what you and I have discovered as the healthy solution. Living Raw Fruit - Vegan Human Design honoring menus combined with lifestyle implementation of at least Body Weight Aerobic and Strength Building Fitness, along with Transitioning Oneself from other sources of chronic negative stress like Hamster Wheel like J.O.B.'s that steal Life Force and Personal Time. Never mind your right to a Living that Sets You Free instead of just enough to stay Enslaved to your Employers cause.

I teach ordinary Awakening Interested Parties how to apply the same Leverage Principles that the 1% use to create at least a more than enough cash flow, so they can set themselves free to pursue and question deeper interest than the daily "chase the buck" game and set others free. All of these added together produces a personal stress reduction (the bad kind) that allows the body to stop polluting and destroying itself and the addition of being able to choose healthier fuels, rest. Awakening Spirits tend to not abuse their abundance of health, fitness, and cash to exploit others but instead to help others awaken further also.

That's how I roll....

Does this speak to something in you that sees beyond what you are currently pursuing?

If so you have now become aware that the doorway to the next level in your life is actually unlocked by your simply choosing to stay awake while absorbing this illuminating new information.

To give this new awakening practical legs, the next step is to both apply it and become an inspiration to others and by example you will find yourself in situations to pass your journey born insights on to others as they come knocking.

This blogs Link List to the right of this page contains many of the keys I have discovered so far to unlocking more doors along the way. Explore and implement as many as you find inspiration to do so..

Keep me posted on how your journey unfolds...


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Truth Will Set You Free - But First It Will Piss You Off

This post is to clarify why I am adamant in my posting about the need to strongly consider transitioning from your traditional job to becoming self funding through the creative adoption of the newest financial tools that I have found to not only liberate us from the hamster wheel furious pace of the traditional J.O.B. (Just Over Broke model), but give us the breathing room to ponder even deeper questions about the nature of the tribal, local, national and global belief systems that try to mold and corral our perceptions and actions.

My aim is to reveal what is already here. What has been creatively hidden, especially through intentional deception by sources we may or may not have been made aware of.

I want every man, women and child to know of the variety of choices they can exercise and the power of those choices in the moment and over time.

The following video is a tool to help anyone who really wants to know what has been hidden from them and why. I hope it causes you to question and to seek new, more liberating answers.

"What happens when a communist country makes a film about how unhealthy North Americans think, live, treat the planet and treat each other? Well, we watch in complete horror because it's so accurate and then we ponder how we've gone so long without seeing what we really are and what we're really doing over here."

Please note also that the strategies described in this video are the same strategies used for animals raised in factory farming to a large degree.

To put it bluntly...Yes..That is what they are saying and that is what is true... The problem with our society today is that we accept things to readily. We've been taught that it is a bad thing to question authority. 
When in reality, the only thing that keeps us moving forward as a species is constantly questioning everything. If a society cedes the right of inquiry, that society will inevitably become detached from reality, because the powers that be manufacture a reality that works for them alone.

Understand too that this depicts that both sides are propaganda machines. This is also why I think it's becoming time for mankind to embrace something like but with bit more organic view that as outlined.

Liberate Yourself: and turn what was intended to trap and enslave you into "Bolt Cutters" to access your Innate and Inalienable Freedoms.

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Earth is more like Planet Pandora in Avatar than Science Realized

Remember how the whole forest was a root connected network on Pandora? Watch this....

Scientists Discover That Plants Communicate via Symbiotic Root Fungi


One organism is responsible for this amazing biochemical highway: a type of fungus called mycorrhizae.

Plants can communicate the onset of an attack from aphids by making use of an underground network of fungi, researchers have found.

This is just a tiny beginning for man-killers (not man - kind yet) awakening to the larger picture.

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If You Don’t Like To Run…Then You’re Doing It Wrong

I meet people every where I go and since I tend to run just about every where I go the conversation often comes around to "How can you want to run so much and so far and barefoot or in those little sandal like things?

Just as I do with those who get curious about why my diet is primarily raw fruits, greens and veggies, I tell them... Take a crawling toddler and place it in a play pen. Put an assortment of pieces of ripe fruit, a puppy, a baby chick, a duck, a bunny in there with it and watch it naturally select it's native and natural food.

So it is with running.... Watch a just beyond walking - wobbling baby beginning to run all the way up (for most) to about a Kinderg√§rtner to 1st Grader out at recess or lunch break running on the play ground. Or pull up any video or movie that involves aboriginal people from any where in the world where shoes are not the norm and notice how they run. They lean forward from the ankles (not the hips), lift their foot off the ground directly underneath their pelvis (and not extending the quadricep, straightening the leg to "pole vault" out in front of themselves), they "allow their falling forward momentum of the ankle level lean + the springy reaction force of the ground contacting ball of the foot of the other leg to create natural momentum of which the hips (centers of gravity) flows forward beyond the landing point of the lowered foot, allowing rapid (180 contractions or steps per minute) contraction of the hamstrings and a Land Surfing like gracefulness of "Flowing Across the Land" instead of "Leaping into the Sky only to Crash Back into the Earth" losing all momentum and having to leap all over again (Pavement Pounding as most soon to be wounded runners call it)
Here is the visuals of what that looks like:

Visualize what you see here while your out running until you feel and experience from the inside what you see in your minds eye. Every step is a "Learning Moment".... Be there... Feel... Listen... Look... Learn... Adapt... There will come a run when suddenly it feels as if the Earth like tread mill is spinning by under your feet instead of you pushing your mass across the stationary land. Then you will know what Natural Running is and never want to stop :-)

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