Friday, August 16, 2013

If You Don’t Like To Run…Then You’re Doing It Wrong

I meet people every where I go and since I tend to run just about every where I go the conversation often comes around to "How can you want to run so much and so far and barefoot or in those little sandal like things?

Just as I do with those who get curious about why my diet is primarily raw fruits, greens and veggies, I tell them... Take a crawling toddler and place it in a play pen. Put an assortment of pieces of ripe fruit, a puppy, a baby chick, a duck, a bunny in there with it and watch it naturally select it's native and natural food.

So it is with running.... Watch a just beyond walking - wobbling baby beginning to run all the way up (for most) to about a Kindergärtner to 1st Grader out at recess or lunch break running on the play ground. Or pull up any video or movie that involves aboriginal people from any where in the world where shoes are not the norm and notice how they run. They lean forward from the ankles (not the hips), lift their foot off the ground directly underneath their pelvis (and not extending the quadricep, straightening the leg to "pole vault" out in front of themselves), they "allow their falling forward momentum of the ankle level lean + the springy reaction force of the ground contacting ball of the foot of the other leg to create natural momentum of which the hips (centers of gravity) flows forward beyond the landing point of the lowered foot, allowing rapid (180 contractions or steps per minute) contraction of the hamstrings and a Land Surfing like gracefulness of "Flowing Across the Land" instead of "Leaping into the Sky only to Crash Back into the Earth" losing all momentum and having to leap all over again (Pavement Pounding as most soon to be wounded runners call it)
Here is the visuals of what that looks like:

Visualize what you see here while your out running until you feel and experience from the inside what you see in your minds eye. Every step is a "Learning Moment".... Be there... Feel... Listen... Look... Learn... Adapt... There will come a run when suddenly it feels as if the Earth like tread mill is spinning by under your feet instead of you pushing your mass across the stationary land. Then you will know what Natural Running is and never want to stop :-)

Erskien Lenier
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