Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Truth Will Set You Free - But First It Will Piss You Off

This post is to clarify why I am adamant in my posting about the need to strongly consider transitioning from your traditional job to becoming self funding through the creative adoption of the newest financial tools that I have found to not only liberate us from the hamster wheel furious pace of the traditional J.O.B. (Just Over Broke model), but give us the breathing room to ponder even deeper questions about the nature of the tribal, local, national and global belief systems that try to mold and corral our perceptions and actions.

My aim is to reveal what is already here. What has been creatively hidden, especially through intentional deception by sources we may or may not have been made aware of.

I want every man, women and child to know of the variety of choices they can exercise and the power of those choices in the moment and over time.

The following video is a tool to help anyone who really wants to know what has been hidden from them and why. I hope it causes you to question and to seek new, more liberating answers.

"What happens when a communist country makes a film about how unhealthy North Americans think, live, treat the planet and treat each other? Well, we watch in complete horror because it's so accurate and then we ponder how we've gone so long without seeing what we really are and what we're really doing over here."

Please note also that the strategies described in this video are the same strategies used for animals raised in factory farming to a large degree.

To put it bluntly...Yes..That is what they are saying and that is what is true... The problem with our society today is that we accept things to readily. We've been taught that it is a bad thing to question authority. 
When in reality, the only thing that keeps us moving forward as a species is constantly questioning everything. If a society cedes the right of inquiry, that society will inevitably become detached from reality, because the powers that be manufacture a reality that works for them alone.

Understand too that this depicts that both sides are propaganda machines. This is also why I think it's becoming time for mankind to embrace something like but with bit more organic view that as outlined.

Liberate Yourself: and turn what was intended to trap and enslave you into "Bolt Cutters" to access your Innate and Inalienable Freedoms.

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Erskien Lenier

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