Sunday, September 8, 2013

Becoming Your Own Neo

In the movie "The Matrix" the central character is called "Neo"

Neo is an ordinary guy who in his questioning of the true nature of reality wakes up into a level of perception where he realizes that his ordinary every day life is just the surface of a much more rich, deep and meaningful understanding and experience of life.

As his perceptions sharpen and expand he learns that he is here for something much larger than just tick tocking his life away at some boring job.

One day he decides it's either ALL  IN to find out how far his inner "Rabbit Hole" goes (The Red Pill) or dieing of either boredom or being used to death by the ordinary world and his life amounting to nothing (The Blue Pill)

He takes the dive.... and unlocks doors and experiences he never knew he had the keys to go through....

Each one of us is a Neo in search of  the "Red Pill" exit ramp from ordinary life to the Extraordinary Life our souls tell us every day is just a thin, shear curtain pull away.... Yet each morning we re-awaken back into our tick-tock other dream world only to find that we must get up, suit up, and trudge off to slog along on the hamster wheel like job thing another day just to grind out a few more dollars that seem to get vacuumed out our hands the moment we get them resulting in the need to go repeat this cycle until we die....


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Erskien Lenier

Monday, September 2, 2013

What's your excuse?

1970's Doctors said I had some kind of lower back - hip deformity where I was destined to have back and hip problems and never be able to lift heavy things. I proceeded to become a World Class Bicycle Road Racer and Competitive Natural Body Builder. In the 1980's I was in involved in a hit in run that left me with neck, joint, and nerve damage. Doctors said my high level athletic life was over.... I became a top level speed skater, power lifter, mountain bike racer, martial artist..... What this video then tell me..... What's your excuse?

Erskien Lenier
Barefoot Ultra Runner
Raw Fruitarian
Serial Entrepreneur