Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Is it time for everyone to have a Minimum Monthly Income as a Right or Re-Democratizing the Economy

When I was a child with just a budding curiosity about mans use of and pursuit of technology, I asked one of my uncles why was technology important?

He said, "The purpose of technology is to accomplish more work with less effort and free people up to pursue more lofty aims in life."

I thought that made a whole lot of sense. As I fast forwarded into my teens and calculators and eventually computers cam along I began to realize that something wasn't right. Instead of civilization being freed up of the burdens of enough nourishing food and water on tap, a decent place to live, an ever expanding source of education to learn about what's new and cutting edge and useful I saw that people were being subtly and not so subtlety being forced into working more and earning less. Of doing task that demotivated them instead of inspiring them.

It's taken me decades to sort out just what happened to derail that original premise my uncle spelled out... While every day for decades now I have had this same burning question in my heart of.... If we can and do produce far more food, homes, transportation, and even information than our global society can use at any given moment then why and what is keeping so many in need and even dieing from unmet needs? Who is manipulating the supply of everything to create such supply shortages?

We've all seen the figures on how much was given to banks to bail them out during the 2007-2008 recession. We've also seen the figures of how much per day, month, year is being spent on the false cause wars. We've probably also seen the calculations that show that each of these areas of spending a piece could have fed, sheltered, educated every man, women and child on the planet.

Just recently we were media prodded in an attempt to launch another war only to have that over shadowed by a possible bankruptcy of the USA in almost the same week as the Federal Government shut down due to no agreement to deeper into debt while unable to pay even the interest on current debts.

I recently began to come upon documentaries and discussions online about how nations could come pay off their debts and end welfare and unemployment.

I would challenge you to watch the following video and then comment, repost, Like or what have you on this topic.

I believe it's an idea who is desperately trying to be born...



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