Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why is it So Hard for Humanity to Vision a World Without War, Poverty, Politics, and a Money Based System.

We know humans have a really highly developed brain but only consciously utilizes a tiny portion of its capacity so far. Why is that?

We come into this world full of Inner Light

 By the time we are a few years of age the Light appears to on... 

But nobodies home! 

The eyes seem deadened compared to how they were when we were new to this realm.

When we are born our minds are fully wide open - unfiltered by beliefs. We are a virtual sponge for sensory and perhaps even extra sensory inputs. 

We don't have the mental filters to fully flesh out what all the waves of experience mean early on but as out brains continue to grow hopefully from the perfect contents of Mom's breast milk, the pathways for greater autonomous discernment begins in the growing neural networks.

Many so called modern humans start life instead of getting breast fed from mom but are fed a synthetic laboratory engineered concoction referred to as "Babys Formula", A completely divorced from nature beyond raw chemistry, falls far short of what whole human breast milk can deliver to deliver all the micronutrients, and organic chains of molecules that actually are organic sentences that instruct the body in tandem with the complex terabytes of information in each strand of DNA in each of the 74 trillions cells a body is typically made of. 

Without those instructions, a baby grows to in gross appearance, to be a viable baby human. But on a synapse to synapse, cell component to system basis there develops millions upon millions of lines of "code" that is missing key letters of the alphabet organic structures need to do what they are intended to do.

So like a poorly written copy of Windows 97, the babies systems begin to do dysfunctional things that compromise system integrity, stability, viability and much more. 

From there we are stumped as to why a given baby develops chronic illness patterns up to and including things like cancers at a time in life when their immune system should be at its most vital or potent.

Most parents so indoctrinated away from their own innate intelligence about how to support babies early health that they quickly moving the baby away from breast milk (if we get any at all)  to frontal brain lobe deadening tap water containing fluoride, chlorine, and many other chemicals including algaecides, to control algae growth in water pipes, chemicals to control lots of undesirable levels of minerals including dirt and microbes and odors from rotting organics plant, insect and even animal matter that gets into the water system. Tap water also contains tons of prescription and illicit drugs that have been flushed down the toilet via pee and poop or just dumped in the toilet for disposal. They all end up in the ground water which seeps down into wells.

 The next massive source of non life supporting chemicals comes from cooked foods that have been heated enough to render lots of its organic chemistry into inorganic chemicals the body recognizes as toxins to be isolated, filtered out of the body or even removed via diarrhea or throwing up when a baby is just at the weaning stage.

Just as when a kid starts trying to smoke a cigarette the first few times the lungs and throat intelligence lets the child know violently that smoke is a toxic inflammatory irritant via coughing the stomach and upper and or lower stomach splinter muscles behave the same way towards what out bodies innate intelligence knows are poisonous so called foods and drinks. 

The adult already long past the conscious awareness of their own struggles with diarrhea and throwing up from such assaults on innate intelligence will most likely blame the reactions to the baby and either give it drugs (baby aspirin) or take it to a doctor who will give it drugs (vaccines) to further damage its ability to respond intelligently to toxic substances from ignorant adults.

After the decades into this worlds indoctrination away from innate intelligence parents suffer onwards through the months of crying, stomach aches, ear aches, projectile vomiting, projectile poops that smell awful, the pattern of dumping ever more bizarre concoctions into the babies mouth becomes standard and not another thought is usually given as the babies health continues to decline and the doctors use this to scare the parents into allowing them to inject more toxins into the baby under the marketed hype that they are making the baby more healthy and vital!

The next stage will be to begin to drive the baby away from its whole brain - whole body consciousness that's innately curious and active towards perceptions, behaviors and restraints in brain use that lock it down to only the fear based emotional centers with sprinkles of half truths and whole lies to create an ego and the belief that the child is actually a collage of beliefs interlaced with tribal emotional points.

Instead of coming up with its own unique intelligent insights about the nature of reality and expressions of creativity the child is forced to sit for hours on end despite its body being far larger than its brain/head and coaxed into the pain - pleasure cycle of memorizing what the educational factory farm wants them to remember and on cue, regurgitated what was force fed whether true or not via performance based test where peer and parent pressure insure compliance.

So the priorities in brain function devolves into compliance instead of curiosity.

This is why for most, even when presented with via scaled out models and data, the indoctrinated person experiences what is called dissonance or ego driven belief system conflicts about what is "allowed" to be true or acceptable. 

This is how we each build prisons out of our own minds. 

Most of those who become conscious of their own tendencies towards such limitations will only reach a point of going against such programming once they have repeatedly put themselves into painful situations over and over again before becoming reflective enough to see the pattern and get curious as to how they create such a pattern and once they actually take ownership of it, how do they create it. 

This is the path to creatorship. Being ones own God or connection to Source. Its at this point that the dismantling of the ego begins as ones identity. All forms of illusionary indoctrination begins to crack open and become self evident. Some call it "The Dark Night of The Soul". 

If one doesn't resort to using food, sex, drugs, money, power, manipulation and control to become distractions and instead chooses to pursue the deepest possible experiences of self without beliefs or filters then a true maturing of the human spirit emerges.

The greatest task of modern humanity is to recognize this damage and reclaim what was stolen. To break out of our collective retardation and finally become "Human - Kind" and save not just the planet but ourselves from this mental illness.

The direct path to reclaiming lost brain power is to carb up with lots of Raw, Ripe, Water Rich, Sweet Fruits... Move away from high protein, high fat, processed, man concocted ideas of food and what your innate powers blossom. 

Also taking off the shoes and allowing the soles to make an electrical ground with the bare earth - preferably moist earth untreated by weed killers or other toxins humans tend to spray everywhere.

More on this topic in future post.

Erskien Lenier

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