Monday, September 15, 2014

Is Sugar Your Enemy or Friend?

Is Sugar really the root to so many evils as we are sold to believe?

All the primates in nature that are closest in DNA comparison to humans are wired to consume roughly 80% of their daily caloric needs from carbs in the form of fruits. 

The other 20% is: roughly 10% by calorie volume as proteins or free form amino acids & 10% plant fats or unsaturated fatty acids. 

Note: Pay attention to the reality that 80% of our daily to weekly calorie intake by design is geared towards simple and easy to digest carbohydrates. What simple carbohydrates tend to be plentiful and available pretty much year round in the tropics where primates seem to have evolved from? 

Or if your the Christian religious type, What would have been plentiful is the hypothetical Garden of Eden?

Fruits! Natures encoded word for water rich, sweet loads of sugar!

Fructose in fruits happens to one of the few sugars the body can burn directly without the need to convert it to glucose or has to use internal chemical resources to convert this form of cellular energy into a useful form.

We've been sold the idea that we need to eat a lot of protein when in truth even a baby is in it steepest growth stages once born has very low protein needs. 

In a gut that's originally clean and properly seeded with mother vaginal biome of bacterial cultures, the cleanliness and intactness of the intestines villi quality is far more important than quantity

(Villi = Hair like structures that line the intestinal walls that contain capillaries filled with red blood cells that bring metabolic waste to be transferred to the intestines for removal and to absorb incoming broken down nutrients)

Fats at a greater ratio than about 10% only occurs in breast milk while a child is also growing rapidly based on the knowledge humans are natural fruitarians on the "What Optimizes Human Fueling?" research to date. Humans are the only mammals that believe they ought to consume the milk of other animals especially after weaning age.

An easy metric to confirm what innate or natural human food is: Take a just crawling toddler and put it in a play pen or enclosed space with a pile of seeds, a pile of nuts, a pile of grains, a pile of greens, a pile of cuts of veggies, a pile of cuts of raw meats, and a pile of cuts of raw fruits.

The child once hungry, will quickly put a hand full of each possible choice into it's mouth and trust its tongues receptors as the final say as to which is edible, digestible, appealing to its palate, safe to eat to satiation. It will spit out any choices its not wired or designed to be attracted to by nature. 

The largest piece of real estate on the human tongue is dedicated to tasting for sweets. That means sugar!

True carnivores have the largest portions of their tongue set up to taste for various types of proteins and fats and if they have any propensity for the taste of sugar its a small part of the surface area of the tongue.

True carnivores all have night vision, long snouts so they can stick their mouths inside a carcass and feast upon its innards while its eyes are still free to keep an eye out for other carnivorous animals that could attack it while its head is down low. All carnivores have strong acidic saliva and digestive juices to nullify ecolli and salmonella and to digest bones, hair, ligaments, muscle and such. Humans do not have any of these qualities. 

We require technology to be able to even consume most of what was rejected by the toddler above. We are the only species who believes we must induce a fever into our food choices to make them safe to eat and or digestible. We are also the only species that believes it needs to add minerals and plant extracts or even parts or chunks of plants to what we eat to convince the tongue that our choices are desirable enough to want the tongue to let it past to the throat!

So knowing how naturally attractive without any technology fruit is to all humans we know that's the core food for us.

Humans are innate or natural Fruitarians who are designed to supplement its fruit centered diet with the softer species of greens and veggies that tend to have a slight sweetness to a human tongue that's clean. Supplemented further by a few nuts and seeds that are edible and digestible raw once a shell or husk is removed with simple pounding against any firm surface or object. 

Sugar is about as addictive as oxygen in air. Every cell in the human meat suit runs on sugar. 

Most systems of the body can run in a pinch on ketones which some of the building blocks of proteins or muscle tissue or fatty acids however, keep in mind that to break down a fat or protein molecule all the way to an actual burnable sugar molecule requires a ton of chemical or bodily resources to do so. Thus inducing ketosis which is popular in the different forms of "Paleo or Ketonic" diet schemes these day is not sustainable long term and will deplete bodily reserves of various nutrients and raw materials creating starvation like counter reactions like cravings, mood swings, lethargy, bipolar and other mental illness patterns.

Knowing very cell in the human body runs on sugar, the brain has top priority for any available supplies as it runs exclusively on glucose the bodies main form of sugar.

If the brain gets too deprived of glucose, it will instruct the body to catabolize or breakdown any and all muscle including the heart itself to create fuel for itself!

Our brains being programmed by our tribal habits or the TV to put "Eat" labels on bad things doesn't make them good for you. 

Eating the egos ideas of food creates addictions and encourages ignorance. The word ignorance implies that we know but choose to ignore that we know. Thats why this post makes so much sense to so many. Out innate intelligence is still with us and has been trying to get our attention all along. Its time to listen and heed its gentle and powerful voice and knowledge. It's knowledge comes from thousands, perhaps millions of generations of experimentation as to what work and what does not for us to live a healthy and happy life.

Educate yourself.... Question what you have sucked down by default indoctrination. 

Satiation happens when what you eat empowers all of who you are, not just the ego. It's as simple as that...

Erskien Lenier

Empowering You Towards Your Best Life 

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